50 Amazing Google Facts and Figures

50 Amazing Google Facts and Figures
1. The original nickname was BackRub due to the backlink technology used to determine site importance but eventually changed the name to Google originating from the misspelling ofthe word “Googol (the mathematician’s term for the number one followed by one hundred zeros) to signify the largequantities of information for people that it would provide.
2. Google began as a research projectin 1996
3. Google.com domain went online in 1997
4. The first funding of $100,000 for Google was provided by Andy Bechtolsheim the co-founder of Sun Microsystems
5. The CEO for ‘Excite’ George Bell rejected to buy Google when it was offered to him for $1 million when Brin and Page were finding the search engine taking up to much time from their research in 1999
6. The first round of venture capital of $25 million was provided in 1999 by Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital 5 years before it floated
7. Google incorporated in 1998
8. 30 million pages indexed in 1998
9. 1 billion pages indexed in 2000
10. Eric Schmidt named CEO in in 2001
11. Acquired Blogger in 2003
12. Adsense launched in 2003
13. Gmail launched in 2004
14. Google IPO in 2004
15. 8 billion pages indexed in in 2004
16. Acquired YouTube in 2006 for$1.65 billion
17. 1 Trillion pages indexed in in 2008
18. Android announced in 2007
19. Chrome launched in 2008
20. 1.8 million shares given to Stanford University for its PageRank Patent sold by Stanford in 2005 for $336 million
21. It currently runs over 1 million computer servers in data centers around the world
22. Google search handles over 1 billion searches per day
23. 7.2 billion daily page views
24. 87.8 billion monthly worldwide searches conducted on Google sites
25. Google’s global search market share is 85%
26. Daily visitors to Google is 620 million
27. Google.com’s worldwide ranking is number 1
28. Revenue in 2000 was $19 million
29. Profit in 200 was a loss of $14 million
30. In 2009 Google’s revenue was nearly $23 billion
31. In 2009 Google’s profit was $6.5 billion
32. 97% is the percentage of revenue from advertising
33. Stock price at its IPO in 2004 was$85
34. Stock price in 2010 was $535
35. Over 19,000 employees
36. 37% are research staff
37. 37% are sales staff
38. A ‘Noogler’ is a new person at Google
39. 45% of Google’s products are currently in Beta
40. YouTube market share is 39.4%
41. 270,000 words a minute are written on Blogger
42. 146 million Gmail users
43. Google analytics is used on 57% of the top 10,000 websites
44. 400,000 new Android devices areactivated every day
45. 100 million activated Android devices
46. 200,000 Apps available for the Android
47. 4.5 billion Apps have been installed from the Android Market
48. Google’s Android mobile operating system is the world’s leading smart phone platform surpassing Nokia and Apple with a 33% share
49. 33 million Android operating systems were shipped in the the fourth quarter of 2010
50. The Google Driverless car named the ‘Stanley’ won the DARPA Grand challenge and the $2 million in prize money from the US Department of Defense in 2005

global brute-force attack on against ALL – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites

There is a new global brute-force attack on against ALL – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites (possibly other) across the entire web hosting industry. All major, small, large, medium, hosting companies, and their clients are being impacted. This is by far one of the LARGEST and very effective Cyber Attacks in recent days.

We urgently advise you that you change all of your Administrative access for any hosted WordPress / Joomla / Drupal or other web applications you may have installed. We have a separate article that focuses on selecting a strong password which you can review here:



Constantly buying batteries all the time to power or mobile gadgets can become quite annoying, but so can the inconvenience of purchasing a charger to refuel your rechargeable batteries.

Well the USBCell Batteries look to solve both of these problems by providing an ultra convenient way to recharge your batteries not only from the comfort of your home, but also while on the go as well. Simply pop the cap at the positive end of the battery to reveal a USB plug, insert the battery into your computer’s USB port, let charge for about 5 hours, and you’re ready to roll. You can recharge these batteries literally hundreds of times, and they can be recharged from absolutely any USB port.


#GooglePanda update is Launching...
SEORoundTable Reported that Google Panda (#25) is going to launch.. may be on March 15, 2013 or March 18, 2013

New Links Google Adsense

Get an Email Alert When Someone Tries to Log into your Computer

You have a feeling that someone else used your computer (or at least made an attempt to login) while you were out for a quick coffee break. Maybe that colleague with whom you share the cubicle knows your password or he made a few guesses before finally giving up.

How do you get notified when such an attempt is made to intrude into your computer?

A new website (made in Turkey) called MouseLock.co may have a simple solution here. They will send you an email alert as well as a picture of the intruder as soon as someone tries to use your computer.
Here’s how Mouse Lock works.
You sign-in with your Google Account (they’ll send the alert to your Gmail address) and then select a secret pin on the screen. Next, put your mouse cursor in a designated area on the Mouse Lock website and leave the machine.
Now when someone moves the mouse, they will also have to enter the original pin. If they fail to do that in the first few seconds, Mouse Lock will send you an email and, if the computer has a webcam, it will use that to also snap a picture of the intruder.
Mouse Lock won’t prevent the intrusion but will at least notify you the minute it happens. And best of all, this a web app and thus requires no installation.
Internally, the site uses jQuery (mouseLeaveEvent) to detect mouse movements while the webcam photographs are captured using the getUserMedia() API currently supported in Chrome and Firefox. The alerts, possibly due to a bug, are triggered even when any of the keys are pressed and that makes it a little less useful since there’s no way to lock the computer after setting up the monitor.

The Galaxy Note 8 is here.

The Galaxy Note 8 is here. What do you think? Hands-on with Samsung's comfortable, functional tablet

Speed up your Internet with public DNS servers

Speed up your Internet with public DNS servers


Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Comodo DNS:
Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

DNS Advantage:
Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Norton DNS:
Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server -

How to Speedup Internet connection with Top 10 High Speed Public DNS Servers?

Go to Control Panel
Then go to Network and Sharing Center
Click on Local Area Connection
Then click on Properties After that, Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties
Double Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Now click on Use the following DNS addresses and change it as follows. Use any of above mentioned public DNS servers.
Then click on OK,
That's all you have done successfully !!

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update starts rolling out

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update starts rolling out
Samsung has started rolling out Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update for the International Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) starting from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Germany. Samsung confirmed back in December that the Galaxy Note would get the multi-screen / multi-window feature in the Android 4.1 update. The Samsung Galaxy S2 got the Jelly Bean update last month. The Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note would bring faster performance with project butter, Multi-Window, Page Buddy, customizable Notification Panel, Smart Rotation, new keyboard with gesture typing like the Android 4.2, Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play, new Widgets, Google Now and more. Samsung is yet to roll out the Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update for the Galaxy S2 in India. Hope the Jelly Bean update rolls out for the Galaxy Note soon after that. 

The Droids Are Coming!!

The Droids Are Coming!!

Guess who's testing the freshest prototypes .
HOT off the assembly line!!

First glimpse of the worlds first fully featured Android Smart Watch. Get ready to make calls, send and receive texts and e-mail right from your watch!!!
Comes loaded with bluetooth, wifi, camera, gps and the full fledged google play store!!

Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad

Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad

Keyboard features 1000 Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response time with fully programmable keys along with Ten dynamic adaptive tactile keys so that you’ll be able to customize them according to your natural behaviors skills, macros, and hotkeys for faster accessibility. Multi-touch LCD track panel makes if more faster and convenient. Gold-backlit illuminating keys and border around keys looks awesome. The color of lights can be changed to almost any color. Available at thinkgeek for 194.16€. You might also like Razer Transformer edition mouse.

This Little Robot Cleans Your Tablet or Smartphone

This Little Robot Cleans Your Tablet or Smartphone

Touchscreen devices have gone a long way in the first couple of years, but one problem has stayed the same: dirty screens. No matter how much you clean your smartphone or tablet, it only takes a couple of seconds of operation for its screen to become covered in greasy fingerprints.

Enter AutoMee S by Takara Tomy, a 2.75-inch screen cleaner that slides around your tablet's screen like a tiny Roomba.

The palm-sized bot is small enough to be used on smartphones as well, and smart enough not to fall over the edge of the device. Running on a single double AA battery, AutoMee S cleans the screen using special cleaning paper, which sounds good enough, although Takara Tomy doesn't guarantee it won't damage your device.

The price for AutoMeeS when it goes on sale in Japan next month will be ¥1,575 (12.43€).

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Samsung Galaxy Note Receiving Android Jelly Bean As Early As March 1

Samsung Galaxy Note Receiving Android Jelly Bean As Early As March 1
Samsung Galaxy Note users have been waiting for the moment when their favorite device will receive Android Jelly Bean. It was confirmed in December the Galaxy Note would be receiving Jelly Bean, but when is the question all Galaxy Note users have been asking since then.

According to a leak on the Samsung Ukraine website, its Galaxy Note is expected to start receiving Android Jelly Bean starting on March 1. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be checking your Galaxy Note every minute to see if Jelly Bean is available as the chart leaked onto the Samsung Ukraine website may not be offering the exact date when Jelly Bean will be available in the U.S.

Android Jelly Bean releases for additional Samsung Galaxy devices are also mentioned in the leak as Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus owners can expect Jelly Bean to begin rolling out on February 22, while Galaxy Tab 8.9 owners could see Jelly Bean as early as January 24.

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real transparent smartphone

Taiwanese company Polytron unveils a real transparent smartphone
If transparent be the future of smartphones, Polytron play on. Taiwanese tech company Polytron technologies has revealed an all new transparent smartphone, which they say could be on the market by the end of 2013. The transparent smartphone, which opened eyes of all waiting for a transparent smartphone, was displayed by Serena Chen, Deputy Manager of Polytron in Taoyuan City, Northern Taiwan. This prototype phone, which has the ability to change smartphone industry for good, features a small touchscreen and power glass exterior.
There are companies that are working on foldable and flexible phones, and this transparent smartphone design seems first real effort at getting the transparent phone to the consumer. The only thing that bothers me is that, there hasn’t been a way worked out to make processors and components transparent – therefore you can see the processor and other components on the edges of the transparent smartphone.

negative SEO: official Google statements

In a video on YouTube, the head of Google's anti-spam team Matt Cutts talked about negative SEO. Can other companies hurt your website rankings by spamming your site? What can you do to avoid this?

Should I Use Canonical to Solve Blog Tag Duplicate Issue?

There’s an interestingdiscussion over at SEO chat forum about how to solve the inherent WordPress-run blog duplicate content issue. If you are blogging, you know that these pages are likely to cause partial duplicate content issue:
  • blog.com/post-name
  • blog.com//tag/tag-name
  • blog.com/category/category-name

Microsoft goes after Google with attack on Gmail privacy

Microsoft goes after Google with attack on Gmail privacy

Campaign titled "Don't get scroogled by Gmail" encourages users of Google's free e-mail service to dump it for Microsoft's Outlook.com.

Outlook.com launched Don’t Get Scroogled by Gmail, a national campaign at [scroogled.com...] to educate Americans about Google’s practice of going through the contents of all Gmail emails to sell and target ads. According to a public GfK Roper study, commissioned by Microsoft Corp., 70 percent of consumers don’t know that major email providers routinely engage in the practice of reading through their personal email to sell ads — something that 88 percent of people disapprove of once they are informed. Unlike Gmail, Outlook.com doesn’t go through the content of users’ emails to show ads. Outlook.com hopes this campaign will help educate consumers about Google’s email practices and promote Outlook.com’s policy of prioritizing the privacy of its users’ emails. 

To help consumers have their voice heard, today Outlook.com launched a petition to help them get the message to Google that going through personal email messages to sell ads is unacceptable. Outlook.com encourages consumers to sign the petition at Scroogled.com and tell Google to stop going through their emails to sell ads. Outlook.com encourages consumers to prioritize their privacy by switching to Outlook.com.Microsoft Takes a Swing at Google's Gmail Advertising [microsoft.com]

high jumping world record by leaping 8 ft 1 in into the air aboard his horse

On this day 64 years ago, Alberto Larraguibel set the equestrian high jumping world record by leaping 8 ft 1 in into the air aboard his horse, Huaso. We're honoring his accomplishment with the following Doodle on our Chilean homepage.

10 Reason Why Android Continues To Thrive: 10 Best Android Phones

These days, it seems like there's always a smarter, faster Android phone on the horizon.
According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Android captured an impressive 70 percent share of the global smartphone market share in the last quarter of 2012. That’s because various manufacturers including HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and others offer multiple Android handsets on each carrier.

Dad pays 14-year-old daughter $200 to quit Facebook

Google Upgrades AdWords For Improved Mobile Performance

Today we’re upgrading AdWords, by rolling out enhanced campaigns. This is a first step to help you more simply and smartly manage your ad campaigns in today’s multi-device world

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Best practices with the Google disavow tool – confirmed

Ever since Google announced its Disavow Tool, we've had a lot of concerns expressed on the forum here about how best to use the tool to clean up backlinks, how to avoid collateral damage, possibilities of negative SEO with the tool, etc.

In a recent post on his blog, WebmasterWorld senior member pontifex (aka in real life as Ralf Schwoebel, and well-known to many here) shared some information he'd gotten from Uli Lutz, of the Google Search Quality team in Germany, covering some of these questions. This is the first official information I've seen on the subject, and I've gotten permission from Ralf (who has further cleared this with Uli) to pass it on. 

Questions Ralf asked included what source of backlinks to look at for disavow candidates, and could he accidentally hurt a friend or good source if he reported a link as bad. Summary of answers he got back (using his translation from the original German) are...
"I would concentrate on the links reported in the Webmaster Tools on Google"
"Do not worry about damaging other people, that does not happen"
"Be aware of the site-wide disavow possibility, it will make your life easier" have been the key sentences in his reply. I am thankful for such a definite answer and thought I’d share it here.

Additional information and blog post here...

Best practices with the Google disavow tool – confirmed 

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The Top 25 Facebook games of February 2013

Just Go Change Your Twitter Password Now

Just Go Change Your Twitter Password Now

According to Twitter, it was hacked and 250K accounts were affected, so they received emails from the company to change their password. This is not the first time this has happened, but this time it was a real hack, rather than a blend of real hacks and “false alarm” blast of emails like last time.


InboxQ is arguably one of the most helpful tools when it comes to generating leads for your business. Here are other social media tools you can use to manage your online brand.
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Detectify: Scan Your Website For Security Vulnerabilities

As a webmaster, you must ensure that your website is not being used for anything wrong. For example, the ads that appear on your website could be redirecting visitors to a virus or a malicious web tool. In another scenario, one of your site’s embittered editors could have planted a malicious link into the content on your website. These security loopholes in your website are ultimately your responsibility because you are the webmaster.

BlackBerry 10 – Re-designed, Re-engineered, Re-invented

We’re here at the BlackBerry 10 Live event where Thorsten Heins just announced amazing new BlackBerry 10 devices, the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. Now it’s time to recap some of the things that make the BlackBerry 10 software a truly unique and elegant experience. To show it off, Vivek has taken the stage to demo some familiar elements of BlackBerry 10: the very cool Time Shift Camera, BlackBerry Flow, the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard, and of course the heart of BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Hub. Check them all out in the videos below.

Time Shift Camera – Always capture the best shot
BlackBerry Flow – Keeps you moving forward
BlackBerry Keyboard – An unmatched typing experience
BlackBerry Hub – The single place for you to manage your conversations

Google Launches Big Google Earth Update

Google launched a major update to Google Earth this week for the desktop, iOS and Android. The update includes the addition over over 100,000 new tours and a million new photos in Tour Guide.

Microsoft Office 2013 vs. Office 365 – The Difference

Microsoft has introduced a new version of their trusted Office productivity suite and home consumers essentially have to make a choice between Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365.

Microsoft Office 2013, like the previous versions, is a bundle of core Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. A single license would allow you to install the Office suite on just one Windows PC.
Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of the same Office programs but here you have an option to install Office on up to five different Windows PCs or Macs. There are not product keys to enter as everything is tied to your Microsoft account. You also get 20 GB of extra storage space on SkyDrive with Office 365.

AdWords Express

AdWords Express is currently only available in certain countries.

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Connect with customers around the corner

More and more people are searching Google for businesses in their area on their mobile devices. With AdWords Express, you can reach them at exactly the right moment — when they’re on their phones nearby and are most likely to call or visit your business.

No website required

With a click on your ad, customers can call you or get directions to your business. That means you can reach new customers online – and get them to your door – even if you don’t have a website.

Let us do the work

AdWords Express is a new, easy way to advertise on Google. Just select a business category, write an ad, and set your budget. Where and when your ad appears is managed automatically.

Stand out on Google Maps

A blue pin and an ad help you get noticed on Google Maps. Connect with local customers looking for businesses like yours.

Google Promoting AdWords Express In Google+ As Way “To Get More Followers”

Google Promoting AdWords Express In Google+ As Way “To Get More Followers”

Interesting Creative Commons Projects

We live in a world obsessed with profit. Buying, selling, acquiring, spending money in the guise of saving money, manufacturing cheaper products, switching to the cash cow of the digital realm…this is all a part of life. Even when you don’t wish to be part of it, you can’t help it. Our society is just woefully consumerist, touching every part of our day to day.
  1. Tweet CC
  2. Freesound
  3. Flickr
  4. Boing Boing
  5. OER Commons

How to Protect Your Content

Your content is your most precious asset. It takes efforts and time not only to create it but also to protect it from thieves. Unfortunately, content theft is way too common and there is hardly a site that hasn't been affected.

  1. Why Your Content Is Your Most Important Asset
  2. Place Copyright Notices and Watermarks
  3. Use Google Authorship to Guard Your Content
  4. Set Google Alerts to Watch for Copied Content
  5. Steps to Take to Deal with the Theft

How to Decide Between a Tablet or Laptop

In a world where portable computer technology was, until quite recently, a monopoly held largely by laptops, the appearance of tablets on the market has had a noticeable impact. If you’re in the market for a new computer and aren’t sure which product is right for you, making the decision can be downright difficult. After all, both laptops and tablets come with their own respective sets of pros and cons, appealing attributes and off-putting specs.

Twitter introduces Vine for iOS, an app for sharing six second looping videos on the service

Twitter has today introduced Vine, an app that allows you to share six second looping videos on the service and in embedded tweets. The app is simple, allowing you to tap the screen to record video and lift your finger to stop.
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Bill Gates: My kids have never asked for Apple products

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Bill Gates says his kids are very happy with their Windows Phones. So there.

How to Use SlideShare for Driving Traffic

SlideShare is a social media site – one of the many but also one of the best. However, unlike Twitter or Facebook, you don't share (only) messages - you share presentations instead. Presentations have been used for business and personal needs for decades and they are a popular way to express yourself visually.

On SlideShare you can upload your presentation and if it gets popular, it can be viewed by millions of people. If you know how to make the presentation, you can not only get traffic to your site, but you can also improve your rankings with Google, expand your followship on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., attract more subscribers to your newsletter, or boost your brand/reputation online.

If used properly, SlideShare can really do a great job. Here are some tips how to make the most of SlideShare.

1 Upload Only Quality Presentations
2 Choose a Memorable Title and Write an Interesting Description
3 Keep Your Structure Simple and Your Points Short
4 Don't Forget to Include the URL of Your Site
5 Pick Long Tail Keywords to Include
6 Make the Design of Your Presentation Outstanding
7 Promote Your Presentation
8 Get More Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans
9 Get More Email Subscribers
10 Build Your Brand and Reputation
11 Consider Upgrading to LeadShare

Using Footer Links to Diversify Your Backlink Profile

We're all pretty tired of reading about the Google Penguin algorithm update and how devastating it has been to so many websites. By now we know that an excessive amount of backlinks with the same anchor text can tank your rankings.

This hasn't been good news for all the webmasters who have been including a link to their website in the footer of each and every website they've built with the same anchor text, for example "Web design by..." As SEO professionals and webmasters, we must ensure that our link building efforts create a natural and diverse backlink profile, but how?
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Amazing Japanese Fake Pool

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich created this illusion of people walking underwater called The Swimming Pool, for The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. It's pretty much a piece of glass with water on top of it, and empty space on the bottom.

Why would someone want to use Windows 8 over

Facebook Tests Timeline Design With Activity On Left, Posts On Right

Facebook Tests Timeline Design With Activity On Left, Posts On Right
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Free SEO vs Paid SEM

There are many ways to drive traffic to a site but basically the two most important are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). While there are some similarities between the two – i.e. they both revolve around keywords, they are fundamentally different.

In order to learn how to use them successfully, here are some tips about when it is best to use free SEO and when SEM is the better choice. However, before we move to the tips themselves, it is more than necessary to clarify first what we include on the free SEO list and what goes in the SEM category.
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Google Adwords Alternatives

When it comes to running a PPC campaign, the first name that comes to your mind is AdWords from Google. While this is a really good ad network, it is also a very expensive one. Even with careful keyword selection and targeting, it is not an exception to pay more for AdWords ads than you make in revenue. Cost is the main reason to look for alternatives to AdWords. Fortunately, such alternatives do exist and the best is that some of them could even outperform AdWords in terms of return on investment. Here are 12 great AdWords alternatives to consider.

1 Facebook Paid Ads
2 Yahoo!/Bing Ads from Microsoft
3 Amazon Product Ads
4 Clicksor
5 7Search
6 AdBrite
7 Bidvertiser
8 Dynamic Oxygen
9 Infolinks
10 BuySellAds
11 Adknowledge Miva
12 BlogAds